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Vinyl siding and drain systems

More than 11 years Ltd "Aspeks" imports and distributes high-quality PVC in Ukraine, siding and gutter systems from leading manufacturers: Royal Europa (Polland), Döcke (Russia), Boryszew (Polland), Vox (Polland).

Siding and drains from the Aspeks - are:


1. Production of the world's leading manufacturers!

2. More than 100 colors and shades of siding!

3. Complex calculations and selection of materials!

4. Advice on installation!

5. Constantly updated range!

6. Assistance of trained professionals!

7. Individual discounts!

8. The wide distribution network in Ukraine!

9. Delivery to any region of Ukraine!

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It is the best siding of "Aspekts". Siding is a front panel that is designed for exterior horizontal and vertical trim of buildings. Facade materials such as siding in Kiev are an ideal material for construction and for renovation of various buildings. Finish siding not only will reliably protect the wall from the negative effects of the environment, it also adorn the facade of your home. The use of facade materials (siding, Kiev) can easily hide all the cracks, and various irregularities. Finish siding effectively prevents the destruction of the walls of the building, and still further insulates the house and of course, siding betrays a modern and well-groomed appearance. Siding panels intended for facing facade walls are clearly the simplest and most importantly cost-effective finishing material, since the price of the proposed siding has become more available and to date the siding buy in Kiev is absolutely no problem. Siding can be metal and vinyl, and vinyl front panel (siding Kiev), in turn, are divided on the plinth and facade. This type of facade materials (siding) is a very practical, since it is not subject to deformation upon impact, as this type of finish siding perfectly absorbs the noise and it does not corrode. Wall facade panels have a very practical texture of wood, as well as very pleasant pastel colours. This siding is a type of facade materials easy to find and buy in Kiev at an affordable price. It is necessary to mention the most popular form of vinyl siding, namely the ground. But despite its name, this material is finished all the house (in Kiev), you make sure that the front materials (siding) perfectly mimic wood or stone will make your home not only practical in operation, as well as the most beautiful (in Kiev). It is finishing a basement siding looks the most solid and most spectacularly, and all this can be bought in our company Aspeks at the best price. Vinyl siding is very popular, but we should also talk about the metal facade materials, which can also be purchased from us. Metal panels (siding) as well as the metal produced (made) of galvanized steel with polymer coating. For this type of facade panels often use polyester, and less likely to use copper, aluminium, or pural. This siding (Kiev) is flat and smooth texture, panels have very saturated colors, while their length can be manufactured to order. The company Aspeks sells siding price that will pleasantly surprise you. We are offering to buy the siding (front panel) from leading manufacturers at the best prices in Kiev.

Производители Светотехнической продукции:

  • Royal Europa (Польша)
  • Döcke (Россия)
  • Boryszew (Польша)
  • Vox (Польша)

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Ltd “Aspeks” company was founded in February 2000. For short period of time the company has gained the siding market and sales goods of high quality. Now Ltd “Aspeks” is a representative of famous European companies which produce building materials, lighting products.. read more



 The company "Aspeks" has its own fleet of vehicles with a large capacity that allows for delivery to any destination  in Ukraine.



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