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    The company Aspeks was founded in February 2000. The formation of the company - merger integration process experts in the field of illumination (the official dealer of PHILIPS LIGHTING) and sales of construction materials.

Today, the company ASPEKS is one of the leaders of lighting products. We provide import and wholesale of lighting products throughout the Ukraine.

   We offer you a full range of lighting and electrical goods. Among that are the world's leading manufacturers: Philips (Holland), Viko (Тurkey), Spark (China), Brilux (Poland), Narva (Germany),  Schneider-Electric (France) and others. For more information about brands and products, see the catalog of lighting products.

    The basic principle of the company - the maximum satisfaction of needs, demands and requests of the customer by providing quality services. The main thing for us - your opinion of us, and partnerships. We work for the future and are ready to make every success for the joint success!



Lighting products is one of the main directions of activities of "Aspeks." At this point on the Ukrainian market, our organization is the best lighting products of European manufacturers such as Philips, Viko Elektrik, Spark Light Line, Brilux, Narva, Schneider Electric.The products of these manufacturers are always different-quality performance, because the production of these products are used only the finest materials and ultra-modern technology available today. All lighting products represented in our catalogs, totally reliable and has the necessary hygienic conclusions and certificates in accordance with the laws of Ukraine. Work directly with suppliers on the basis of long-term contracts allows us to implement lighting products at the most competitive rates, and diversity (lighting) of goods and services in the field of lighting equipment has made the company "Aspeks" a reliable and steady partner for anyone who needs a modern, durable and high quality. Our range of lighting products allows us to solve very diverse problems, from street lighting to the organization of decorative lighting in parks or private gardens. Catalog of lighting products includes such categories of goods as light sources, lamps admenistrativnye, wiring accessories, automotive lighting, control gear, decorative lamps, and LED products. A huge variety of shapes, sizes, and most importantly the application of certain lighting products will give you the opportunity to choose what meets the objectives put before you. The lighting products from Aspeks are quality at the best price!

Aspeks recommends lighting lamps and fixtures from leading manufacturers. Lighting without any exaggeration can be called the language of any interior. Light bulbs can both revive and distort the interior, lights can provide illumination mysterious or it will be cool and exciting. That is why special attention should be paid to the selection of lamps (light) as the coverage is similar to the present art of the theater. In the theater, with well-chosen lighting (bulbs) the viewer is given a specific emotional state. The same is true in the design of the premises where the lamp (light bulb) illuminates or darkens the band needed. Sometimes, it is just necessery to find a lamp or floor lamp an interesting form in which case the desired effect on the light bulb will be achieved. В последнее время светильники реже стали использовать для освещения (подсветки) помещения, а больше уделяется вниманию обычному свету лампы. Recently, less lamps were used for lighting (illumination) area, but more attention is paid to ordinary light bulbs. But it is light with its subdued light (lamp) provide an ideal dimmed lighting that does not hurt your eyes and gives a soft light. Note that a big advantage over conventional lighting fixtures lighting the lamp remains theirs portability and ease of use. Lighting can create some intrigue covering some items, while others are dipping into the darkness. Needless to say, that this effect can not be achieved with conventional light bulb when the light (illumination) is uniformly distributed over the entire room not focusing on the individual items as the lighting can. In addition to its main function - lighting, light fixtures are the subject of decoration, and the right podobranny lamp (bulb) will be able to emphasize a certain mood of a room. Lamps (though how well-chosen lamps) are well decorate a room matching the style of the interior. From whatever material was not made ​​light and how bright lighting (lamps), he would not give, this lighting fixture is a piece of furniture should be in harmony with the main light source (lamp stationary). The company Аспекс offers a diverse range of  fixtures, lamps and other lighting products at the best prices.

Our online store offers: Electrical accessories from known brands that have gained worldwide popularity due to the quality, durability and reliability (equipment supplied).  Aspeks recommends wide range of Electrical accessories from Europe, namely, light switches, sockets, as well as a wide variety of mechanisms for almost all types of Electrical accessories. In case you have not decided what Electrical accessories you need for your needs, we recommend you to use our advice on the selection of spetsalists for Electrical accessories or find it in the pages of our catalog. On our site you can choose the best option Electroaccessories, correct color and form with the necessary functionality and at the best retail or wholesale price. Only qualitative Electroaccessories will be a simple and reliable in operation and will last longer than the manufacturer claimed. In order to acquire the necessary Electrical accessories, you can call us on the phone or submit your application online and our consultant will contact you shortly. Electrical accessories from Aspeks - is the quality tested by time!


Производители Светотехнической продукции:

  • General Electric
  • Philips Lighting (Лампы Philips)
  • VİKO Elektrik
  • Spark Light Line
  • Makel Elektrik
  • Brilux
  • Narva
  • Schneider Electric

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Ltd “Aspeks” company was founded in February 2000. For short period of time the company has gained the siding market and sales goods of high quality. Now Ltd “Aspeks” is a representative of famous European companies which produce building materials, lighting products.. read more



 The company "Aspeks" has its own fleet of vehicles with a large capacity that allows for delivery to any destination  in Ukraine.



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